#Review The Venom in the Valentine (Viola Roberts Cozy Mysteries Book 5) by Shéa MacLeod

The Venom in the Valentine Book Cover The Venom in the Valentine
The Viola Roberts Cozy Mysteries
Shéa MacLeod
Cozy Mystery
Sunwalker Press
Kindle Unlimited

Viola Roberts is down in the dumps after discovering her boyfriend, Lucas, is snowed in back east. Her best friend, Cheryl, agrees to substitute a girl’s weekend for the romantic Valentine’s Day he had planned. Massages and mani-pedis for the win!

That is, until the hotel guests start receiving venomous Valentines, and one of them ends up dead. In a remote resort on the wild Oregon coast, it’s up to Viola to get to the bottom of things before any more guests fall to the killer’s poison pen.

#Review The Venom in the Valentine (Viola Roberts Cozy Mysteries Book 5) by @Shea_MacLeod

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Title: The Venom in the Valentine
Author: Shéa MacLeod
Series: The Viola Roberts Cozy Mysteries, Book 5
Genre: Cozy Mystery



Viola Roberts just cant catch a break can she!? What should be a romantic few days for Valentines sees Lucas get stuck in New York so she takes her BFF Cheryl along until he can get a flight out. Whilst at the hotel several guests – Viola included – start to receive poison pen letters! They start off harmless but then escalate to threats of death, and when one guest winds up dead from apparent suicide Viola takes things into her own hands to prove it was murder and find out who the poison pen writer really is.

With only a handful of guest and staff at the hotel surely it should be easy pickings but that is not the case when it becomes clear that the murder is hiding behind who ever wrote the notes. A double whammy for Viola to solve this time.

This one was as shorter read and the best one yet, I look forward to reading what Shea has in story in the next book!

About the Author:

Shéa MacLeod writes urban fantasy post-apocalyptic sci-fi paranormal romances with a twist of steampunk. Mostly because she can’t make up her mind which genre she likes best so she decided to write them all.

After six years living in an Edwardian town house in London just a stone’s throw from the local cemetery, Shéa headed back to her hometown of Portland, Oregon. She plans to live out her days eating mushroom pizza, drinking too many caramel lattes, exploring exotic locales, and avoiding spiders.

Shéa is the author of the Viola Roberts Cozy Mysteries and the bestselling Lady Rample Mysteries.


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