[Review] The Heart of Lies (Paradise Valley Mystery #2) by Debra Burroughs

The Heart of Lies Book Cover The Heart of Lies
Paradise Valley #2
Debra Burroughs
Lake House Books
September 2nd 2012
Kindle Unlimited

Don't be fooled, online dating can be murder.

When one of Emily's BFFs meets a handsome and wealthy man online, this sassy Private Investigator can't help but be suspicious. With the help of the hot new police detective and her close circle of friends, can Emily stop the cyber-hunk from breaking her friend's heart - or worse?

The Heart of Lies
Paradise Valley #2
by Debra Burroughs


Following on from Scent of Lies Emily finds herself investigating yet another murder in the once peaceful Paradise Valley. This time it’s closer to home – the victim being the fiance of one of her best friends Maggie.

Now whilst I really enjoyed this story I saw the storyline coming a mile away – but actually it was a good thing as I wanted to see how Deborah would make everything transpire. There were a few bits I got wrong and didn’t guess the murderer in this until the last moment (I had that totally wrong! Though not completely…)

Amongst all this going on Emily is still trying to figure out who her husband really was after finding a safe deposit box in book one that contained passports of him with different names. This is a nice little side mystery that I am looking forward to discovering along with Emily.

This series is what I would class as a cozy murder mystery meets the Sex and the City lifestyle – without the sex, it’s a clean mystery which is a nice change from what I normally read.

On to book 3!


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